Team Venom’s Five-Point Week in Review – 14/07/2017

For this new feature we will be operating on a Saturday to Friday basis (to save any confusement when there’s a PPV on a Sunday night). For this column we’ll be picking a few topics and offering our general thoughts on them. Oh, and feel free to suggest topics for next week’s column in the comments section as well as offer YOUR thoughts on this week in review. This week’s edition is brought to you by regular Team Venom contributors Jonn Wren, Rory Bailey, David Burston and Rob Goodhand.

Comic Book TV/Movie News: SPOILER ALERT – Following the finale of The Flash Season 3, set pictures have leaked showing Wally West as the new Flash for the opening episode of Season 4. What are your thoughts on this?

Jonn: I don’t watch it so I can’t really comment other than if they are switching to Wally West, does that mean they might be using Wally West for Justice League movie?

Rory: It makes sense. Plus it follows the comic-book story arc of Wally becoming Barry’s replacement so it’s not like it’s something that desecrates the nature of the show. I’m all for Wally as the Flash.

Dave: I haven’t watched The Flash for a while but anything that added to the DCU is all good in my book.

Rob: Fed up of the flash ending the same way, too many timelines and travelling through time rather than actually trying to defeat bad guys, doesn’t matter who the Flash is as it will still end up travelling through time and messing something else up.

Videogame News: EA have announced a price increase for all of their new games. Instead of the standard £40-45 that we have grown accustomed to for new games, we’ll be being charged £55 on release of new EA games. How do you feel about this?

Jonn: EA can suck my balls. What they are doing is rising their prices because switch games are around that price so they are probably thinking “well people are buying them so why not increase”. It will get to a point where all games will be £100 and nobody will buy them. Stick with Indy games, they’re cheaper and have better stories.

Rory: I already feel that videogames are expensive enough without the price increase. It bugged me that I paid £42 for Mass Effect Andromeda only to sell it two weeks later due to not having any interest in progressing any further than I had in the game. I was genuinely looking forward to Star Wars: Battlefront II but I think I’ll have to wait until the price drops before I invest in that, because at £55 it is an investment now….

Dave: This sucks and if I buy anything by EA you can bet your ass it will be second hand or heavy discounted!

Rob: That’s crap seeing as the 2 most played games in my house are Fifa and Madden, luckily I play them enough to justify the money being spent but it’s still gonna hurt my pocket.

Wrestling: Global Force Wrestling have suspended their current World Champion Alberto El Patron indefinitely pending investigation following his altercations with his fiancée, WWE superstar Paige, and allegations of domestic violence. What do you think about this situation?

Jonn: Get him gone.

Rory: Without knowing all of the details of the situation, I’m glad to see that GFW are handling this situation in this manner. Suspending their “top guy” following these allegations sets a very good example to the rest of the locker room.

Dave: My thoughts on Alberto and Paige are if he is guilty then the Knight family will fix it and sort their kid out and anything else should be held in private. Also, I would like to see her back in a WWE ring soon.

Rob: They’ve made the right choice in suspending him given that domestic abuse is something not to be taken lightly, on the other hand I wanna see Paige sort herself out and get back into the ring and continue where she left off which was pretty promising.

Boxing/UFC News: The press/media circus is in full swing for Floyd Mayweather Jnr vs. Connor McGregor. What do you think to this week’s press conference incidents and how much are you looking forward to the fight?

Jonn: McGregor is an arrogant knob but got dam it I love that man haha! He turns up in a suit full of swearing and makes fun of Mayweather for wearing trackies! Haha love it ……shame he isn’t going to win but this match has the most hype in a long time.

Rory: The best thing about this week’s hype has been UK-based Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle’s Facebook updates. “It’s about time we found out whether a non boxer can beat the world’s best boxer at boxing” followed swiftly by “Don’t get me wrong, I think someone trying to beat possibly history’s best defensive boxer purely by being a mad c*nt is actually beautiful”.

Dave: The hype for the big fight is fun at the moment but I feel the fight will be an anti-climax

Rob: The press conferences have been fun to watch but I can’t help but think the two of them actually like one another and respect each other, I’m finding hard to believe that at the end it won’t all be hugs and handshakes all in the name of making an absolute tonne of money

Free Pass: For the last point on the five point review, please feel free to discuss any other piece of news you’d like to spotlight or vent on.

Jonn: So the new series of Game of Thrones starts soon? Any thoughts from our readers?

Rory: The biggest thing for me this week has been the re-release of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. I originally owned FF12 on the PS2 but never got around to finishing it due to the Xbox 360 being released and subsequently purchased. I haven’t played the remaster yet but the fact that it exists is very good news indeed.

Dave: Nothing from me this week

Rob: Or me!


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