King Rorster’s Court: 5 Most Wanted MCU Movie Adaptions

As you may have already read, I recently ranked the currently released MCU movies and it got me thinking about what I’d like to see in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For the purpose of this column, I’m not going to use anything Marvel don’t have the cinematic rights to or anything that has currently been announced.

Secret Invasion

I’m assuming that Marvel don’t have the rights to the Skrulls (who were the focal point of this event) due to them first appearing in the pages of The Fantastic Four however we have already seen the MCU debut of Marvel’s Ultimate version of the Skrulls i.e. The Chitauri. In the Ultimates the Chitauri were shapeshifters so could easily be cut and pasted into the position of the Skrulls for this event which saw the Skrulls replace several Marvel heroes in a bid to take over the Earth before launching a full scale invasion.

Why it would work: It would be a very good way of utilising characters that have already been killed off in the movies such as *SPOILER ALERT* Quicksilver or Yondu as well as give way for certain characters to be recast. You could also incorporate the Defenders, Agents of Shield and more in tie-in TV specials.

The New Avengers

My all-time favourite Avengers line-up was the post-Civil War line-up of the New Avengers that consisted of Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Hawkeye (as Ronin), Echo, Wolverine & Spider-Man (who were later joined by Bucky-Cap & Ms. Marvel) and was the team to initially discover that the Skrulls had secretly invaded the Earth (believing Tony Stark to be one as a result of his actions in Civil War)

Why it would work: The MCU is in need of a “changing of the guard” and this would be a good way of doing this following Infinity War. They could potentially do this to build to a Secret Invasion movie too!

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America

Following Civil War, Steve Rogers gave himself up to the authorities and was to stand trial. While on his way to said trial he was tragically assassinated. Fallen Son saw the fallout of his death and focused on various members of the Marvel Universe mourning the fallen Steve Rogers.

Why it would work: Chris Evans has only got a few films left on his contract with Marvel and has stated on a few occasions that he’s ready to retire from acting. This would be a fitting way to write him out of the MCU while also honouring his past movies without recasting him. This could also lead to the formation of the New Avengers, Bucky taking up the mantle of Captain America (As Sebastian Stan signed to a hell of a lot of movies following Winter Soldier) and eventually Secret Invasion.

Avengers: World War Hulk

Following the Planet Hulk storyline which saw Hulk banished to space by Iron Man, dr Strange, Reed Richards, Black Bolt & Charles Xavier, the Hulk’s new home, Sakaar, was destroyed turning him once again into a big green rage monster. The Hulk – alongside his Warbound – then launched a full scale attack on Manhatten in an act of revenge aganst the Marvel Universe’s Illuminati.

Why/How it could work: Since we can only speculate on the events of Thor: Ragnorak, how awesome would it be if we saw Banner stay on Sakaar while Thor journeyed home? Then in a post-credits scene we could see the planet get destroyed and Hulk revert to the big ball of rage we all know and love. Maybe something to do with how Thor gets back causes the destruction, I don’t know.

Winter Soldier: Captain America

I’ve already mentioned the events that would lead up to Bucky picking up the shield of a fallen Steve Rogers, so a solo outing setting him up to wear the flag would be ideal.

Why it would work: Following a Fallen Son movie, setting up Bucky as the new shield-bearer would be a no-brainer. It can also follow on from Civil War’s conflict with Iron Man that has already been set up.

So, that’s my list of most wanted MCU movies. What are yours? Let me know in the comments section as well as what you think of my ideas. Thanks for reading


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