Rorster’s Reviews: Sacrifice Pro Wrestling IV Live from Leighton Buzzard

For this week’s column, I’ll be reviewing the very excellent wrestling show that myself and fellow columnist, Jonn Wren, attended this weekend in Leighton Buzzard, Sacrifice Pro Wrestling IV. Firstly I’ve got to apologise as this is going to be an incomplete review. Unfortunately due to a family emergency we had to leave the show during the interval so we only saw the first four matches. However, these first four matches were all very good matches indeed. Now Sacrifice Pro is an offshoot of HOPE Wrestling and is run by Lee Malone, who also competes as the ultra-talented Hustle Malone. This show had an incredibly stacked card which boasted a four team tag-team tournament for a “Golden Opportunity”, a Sacrifice debut match for Jack Cave against Chuck Mambo, a feud-ending “Devil’s Hand” match between Hustle Malone and Jay Garner and a showcase match featuring WWE UK tournament competitor Roy Johnson. At the end of each match reviewed, both myself and The wRenegade will offer a star rating out of five.

Match 1: The Golden Opportunity Tag Team Semi-Final Match – Team M.A.D. (Chase Williams & Danny Mayhem) vs. Chaos Kai Paine & Twister

Team M.A.D. displayed good teamwork throughout this match and the storytelling between all four men was bang on. Twister got taken out early, leading to a 2-on-1 situation between Team M.A.D. and Chaos Kai Paine until Twister made his highly-anticipated comeback. This then lead to some good near-falls including Kai hitting a tremendous sit-out powerbomb and Twister hitting a beautiful frog splash from the top rope for a two count. The finish was pretty inventive too as Chaos Kai Paine hit Twister with a modified death valley driver onto Team M.A.D.’s Chase which gave Twister the three count.

Official Result: Chaos Kai Paine & Twister def. Team M.A.D. via Pinfall

Rorster’s Rating: 3 Stars

The wRenegade’s Rating: 3 Stars

Match 2: The Golden Opportunity Tag Team Semi-Final Match – Los Palaminos (Frankie Vegas & Tivy Lee) vs. The Bromantics (Shogun J & Owen Charles)

Owen Charles & Tivy Lee started the match off with a good, traditional wrestling segment until the action spilled to the outside, leading to a four man brawl. The Bromantics then hit Tivy Lee with a 3-D for a two count (the pinfall being broken up by Frankie Vegas). This then led to Tivy eventually getting his second wind and tagging in Vegas who then dominated the match until tagging Tivy back in. Tivy then got cut off by the Bromantics who hit him with a superb x-factor/electrc chair drop conbo for another near fall. The finish came about via DQ when Tivy distracted the referee (Craig Anderson) while Vegas threw a chair to Owen Charles then acted like he’d been hit. Craig Anderson then called for the DQ.

Official Result: Los Palamios win via DQ

Rorster’s Rating: 3.5 Stars

The wRenegade’s Reviews: 3 Stars

Match 3: Jack Cave (making his Sacrifice Pro Wrestling debut) vs. Chuck Mambo

Jack Cave came out first to a round of boos from the crowd which led to him cutting a promo on their negative attitude, which of course served to rile the crowd up more. Chuck then made his entrance to a fantastic roar from the crowd.

Both competitors hammed it up to the crowd and worked an amusing comedy match that started off from Cave showing Mambo that he was in shape by use of elasticated exercise equipment. This led to an accidental crotch shot to Cave, which was swiftly followed up by Mambo hitting an atomic drop to kick the action off. The rest of the match was then back into the comedy routine which featured a few big spots including a multiple reversed superkick sequence that saw both competitors and the referee take a misplaced superkick to the groin. Chuck then picked up the win after hitting his finisher on Cave for the three count.

Official Result: Chuck Mambo def. Jack Cave via pinfall

Rorster’s Rating: 4 Stars

The wRenegade’s Rating: 4 Stars

First Half Main Event: Hustle Malone vs. Jay Garner in a “Devil’s Hand” Match

This match was said to have two major stipulations that would be revealed once both competitors were in the ring. Making his entrance first was Hustle Malone in what was one of the most inventive indie wrestling entrances I’d seen. Hustle came out with a hood over his entire head (so his vision was obscured) and was handcuffed and was walked to the ring by four guys in white shirts as if he was being escorted from an asylum. Once they “released” him he proceeded to headbutt and strike his opponents while his Team M.A.D. associates snuck to the ring to join him. Next out was Jay Garner who easily had the best crowd reaction of the evening so far. When both men were in the ring the stipulations were announce; If Jay wins, Team M.A.D. disbands forever and if Hustle wins then Jay has to leave Sacrifice Pro Wrestling.

Photo Credit: Brett Hadley

The action was fast paced and raw from the get go – starting with Hustle attacking Garner before the match officially started to kick the action off. Jay fought back and knocked Malone to the outside where he was joined by his Team M.A.D. buddies (Danny Mayhem and Chase Williams) only to be hit by a fantastic cross-body dive over the ropes from Garner. Then, as Jay was getting back in the ring, Hustle jumped him again and regained control. The two proceeded to put on an excellent back-and-forth contest that saw several high spots including Jay hitting a stunning missile drop kick that gained tremendous height then a superb shooting star press for a two count. The finish came when Jay went back to the top and fought off both Mayhem and Chase only for Hustle to spit in his face then hit him with a spinning STO for the three count. As a result, Jay Garner is no longer allowed to compete at Sacrifice Pro Wrestling.

Official Result: Hustle Malone def. Jay Garner via Pinfall

Rorster’s Rating: 5 Stars

The wRenegade’s Rating: 5 Stars

The wRenegade’s thoughts on Hustle Malone vs. Jay Garner: “I think they did a good job – it was very entertaining and full of high-risked manoeuvres. The entrance from Hustle was fantastic and surprising for an indie wrestling and the match itself was quite unique and certainly something I hadn’t seen before.”

As mentioned in the intro, unfortunately this was the point in the show where we had to leave however we did get chance to talk to WWE UK Superstar, Roy Johnson during the interval who was a class act and happily taking photographs with fans (including my 4-year old son) free of charge. I am gutted that we missed the second half of the show and if the first half was anything to go by then this should have been a fantastic event. I for one will gladly attend another Sacrifice Pro Wrestling show in the future.

Please note: the featured image as well as the action shots used are taken by  Brett Hadley.


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