Team Venom’s Five-Point Week in Review – 21/07/2017

For this new feature we will be operating on a Saturday to Friday basis (to save any confusement when there’s a PPV on a Sunday night). For this column we’ll be picking a few topics and offering our general thoughts on them. Oh, and feel free to suggest topics for next week’s column in the comments section as well as offer YOUR thoughts on this week in review. This week’s edition is brought to you by regular Team Venom contributors Jonn Wren, Rory Bailey and Rob Goodhand.

Comic Book TV/Movie News: At the Disney D23 Expo, Thanos’ Black Order was revealed for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie. What do you think to the line-up? (Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Thanos, Ebony Maw, and Black Dwarf)

Jonn: I am not a massive fan of the universe, I find everything to be “convenient ” like ” oooooh we need a special bus that holds exactly 17.5 seats, 4 holding cells and a nightlight for Hulk” …..oh as luck would have it ….you know what I mean? I know it the same for other comic styles but find marvel shoved down my throat a lot more. I did however quite enjoy Ant-Man. This new knowledge has little to no impact on me. Good luck to them.

Rory: Thanos & his Black Order look ridiculously good. Hopefully Marvel will continue to do the source material good in their latest offering. I for one am looking forward to seeing how much of an influence Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity has on this film.

Rob: I like the Avengers films but haven’t followed them so kinda go in blind but if it’s like the others then I look forward to it haha

Wrestling News: WWE have announced the cancellation of their SmackDown brand talk show, Talking Smack. What are your thoughts on this?

Jonn: I have no knowledge of this, sorry.

Rory: Talking Smack has been a very good platform for character development over on the SmackDown side of WWE. It is a massive shame that this has been cancelled as it gave several Superstars (especially The Miz) the additional time to “round out” their characters.

Rob: Talking smack was pretty good tbh; they all got to have a bit of fun and be a bit more free than the scripted promos they usually have to do on the live show

Music News: Sadly, this week saw the tragic news that Chester Bennington from Linkin Park had commited suicide. What are your thoughts on Chester & his life?

Jonn: This is a shame. he had a great voice and it was a great band. Mental problems affect us all and it’s a shame to see he didn’t seek aid (or maybe he did and it didn’t help) R.I.P. Chester

Rory: I remember purchasing One Step Closer on CD on it’s week of release and then Hybrid Theory shortly after. Chester had a ridiculously good voice and was incredibly talented. It’s always a shame when you hear that someone’s been struggling with depression or anxiety and has felt the need to take their own life. R.I.P.

Rob: Chester Bennington’s suicide is devastating. People need to realise mental health affects everyone even the ones with dream jobs


Movie/TV News: Game of Thrones Season 7 officially started this week. Have you seen it? If so what’re your impressions?

Jonn: I can honestly say am not an Ed fan. I like the person but not a fan of his music. However, I am a little behind on “GOT” so I can’t see in what context his appearance is in …….but I am not a fan of cameos like that, its unnecessary. They aren’t struggling for fans surely?

Rory: I’ve not seen it, and am ridiculously behind with Game of Thrones (is Ned still in it?). I have, however, heard about this week’s episode and the Ed Sheeran cameo and on paper it sounds stupid. Hopefully it came across better on the actual show

RobEd Sheehan was a pointless cameo that wasn’t needed. His acting sucked and he should stick to songwriting. I would of liked him to of been fed to Ramsey’s dogs 

Free Pass: For the last point on the five point review, please feel free to discuss any other piece of news you’d like to spotlight or vent on.

Rory: Not strictly world news but I’d like to offer my congratulations on “Chaos” Kai Payne who became the first Sacrifice Pro Wrestling “Ultimate Sacrifice” Champion on Sunday in Leighton Buzzard on what was a spectacular show.

Rob: Can I just throw it out there that a British road was closed with 3 hour delays……because of melted lion bars on the road after the truck carrying them caught fire – Random I know but it amused me when I read it

Jonn: Oh my!!!! Not a lion bar!!! I would have been much happier if this was a bounty as nobody eats them. 3 hour delay seems abit stupid though . I could eat them well under ten mins


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