King Rorster’s Court: Ten Signings That Could Benefit Global Force Wrestling

Hi all, you may remember that I did something similar to this a while back which received quite a positive reaction online. However, with TNA being rebranded to Impact Wrestling and now Global Force Wrestling as well as losing a few members of the roster (Crazzy Steve, Drew Galloway, Magnus, The Hardys and more) I figured I’d re-visit this topic and spotlight ten people that I think could help boost the company. As a disclaimer, there is a distinct lack of female wrestlers on this list but that’s because the WWE’s Mae Young Classic Tournament has claimed most of the competitors I would have listed (Toni Storm, Jazzy Gabert, Viper) and the other two female wrestlers that I would have suggested from the UK scene were spotlighted on our last column (Lana Austin and Violet Vendetta).

El Ligero

El Ligero is one of the best talents on the UK scene, currently holding gold from three of the United Kingdom’s top companies in HOPE Wrestling (Kings of Flight Champion), Southside (One half of the SWE Tag Team Champions alongside WWEUK star Joseph Connors) and Pro Wrestling Chaos (One half of the PWC Tag Team Champions alongside Martin Kirby) and has competed for virtually every half-decent promotion in the UK as well as ITV’s World of Sport. Ligero is also one of the UK’s top trainers and so could help Global Force in more behind the scenes as well.

CJ Rawlings

CJ Rawlings is one of the UK’s top young talents and despite his young age has got a fair few years’ experience under his belt. He is a consistent headliner for Slam Wrestling (where he has held their main title on multiple occasions) and has also worked numerous shows for Exposure Entertainment over in Wales. Rawlings is the sort of guy that should be snapped up early as he’s got his whole career ahead of him and is only just getting started.

Saru, the Highest Flying Monkey in Professional Wrestling

I know, I know. We highlighted Saru on the previous “most wanted TNA/NXT signings” column but Saru is easily one of the most under-rated, under-exposed and entertaining acts on the US scene right now so hopefully spotlighting him again will help the bigger companies take notice. He would easily fill the void left by the lack of characters like “Curry Man” or “Shark Boy” who have previously thrived in TNA, so again Saru for Global Force!

The Beard Villain, Johnny Malloy

Malloy is the current Rampage Pro Wrestling Champion over in the US and from all accounts is sone of the most dominating forces to hit the US indie scene. Malloy has had some fantastic battles (including some with the aforementioned Saru – which is how we came to hear of him) and has a massive online following and social media presence. All things which could benefit Global Force.

Hustle Malone

You may have read our review of Sacrifice Pro Wrestling IV from Leighton Buzzard the other week which saw Hustle Malone take on Jay Garner in a “Devil’s Hand” match that both myself and Team Venom’s very own wRenegade, Jonn Wren, rated as a “Five Star Classic”. Hustle has been consistently next level since his HOPE Wrestling debut in January of last year (which was officiated by yours truly, BTW) and has since had some absolutely fantastic matches with the likes of WWE UK Star Tyson T-Bone and Ryan Smile (the latter being for the HOPE Wrestling Championship). Hustle is also the current champion for HOPE Wrestling, which is currently one of the UK’s most prestigious titles.

“Big Money” Bobby Vegas

You may remember Bobby Vegas from our Six Step Process feature a few weeks ago as well as his inclusion on the Team Venom roundtable preview for WWE WrestleMania, earlier this year. Vegas has a brilliant character which would easily work well against the likes of current Global Force stars Grado and Joseph Parks and would be an all-round asset for the promotion.


Hailing from the Congo, A-Buck is currently taking the European and UK wrestling scene by storm. The fact that he’s regularly being booked in various promotions and various countries (predominantly France) alone speaks volumes. The guy’s oozing charisma and skill and would fit right in the X-Division.

Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler is a phenomenal talent. Phenomenal. We first met Tyler at a HOPE Wrestling show 3 years ago where he was participating in his first main event against El Ligero and Tyson T-Bone in a triple threat match and we at Team Venom have been fans of his ever since. Tyler was initially announced for the WWE UK Tournament but was unfortunately bumped from the tournament and worked dark matches at the events themselves, so Tyler is already on the WWE’s radar. Global Force would do well to attempt to snap up this top young talent before the competition does.

Jigsaw / Rubix

Jigsaw is a former TNA, ROH, Chikara and GFW superstar so a call up to TV for Global Force should be a no-brainer. When Jeff Jarrett himself says that guys like Jigsaw are what the business needs then who are we to argue? Seriously, the fact that Jigsaw hasn’t appeared for Anthem’s Global Force Wrestling is, quite frankly, baffling.

Keith Lee & Shane Taylor: The Pretty Boy Killers

Yeah I know, I’ve added a tag team onto this list that I heavily featured on the last most wanted column but hear me out. Lee & Taylor are two of the best superstars in the US not currently signed to WWE or GFW. Keith Lee was all people were talking about at this year’s WrestleMania weekend thanks to his fantastic outings at Evolve and Shane Taylor has been consistently dominating ROH TV week in, week out. These two were a fantastic tag team when they were both in ROH so bringing them in to Global Force as a tandem would be beneficial to everyone, especially us – the fans.

So that’s my list, let me know what you guys think in the comments section. Is there anyone I missed? Who would you like to see get signed up to Global Force? Thanks for reading.      


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